Whole Foods Nutrition Programs

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of any health plan; therefore at Dr. Dan’s we offer a variety of whole foods nutrition programs to help you learn the fundamentals of healthy nutrition.

All of our nutrition programs and classes complement both the Nutrition Therapy and Acupuncture offered at Dr. Dan’s. All are based on Whole Foods Nutrition principles and nutrient-dense eating.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of whole foods nutrition in a lively, fun and interesting manner led by our Nutrition Counselor. From your very first session, you will leave with the skills to make real improvements in your nutrition and be on your way to exceptional health.

Dr. Dan’s Quick Start Program

 Learn the basics of healthy eating in a 3 hour session that includes:

  • Whole Foods Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Shopping & Kitchen Transition Guidelines –What’s In, What’s Out and Why
  • Nutrient Dense Foods Product Sampling. Yum!
  • Market Basket Shopping Tour. What to Get & Where.

Dr. Dan’s Market Basket Shopping Tour

 Dr. Dan’s shopping class at the Newburyport Market Basket consists of a 90 minute tour led by our Nutrition Counselor.

This informative and practical tour will point you in the direction of foods we recommend, aisles by aisle using our lengthy shopping list and map.

Even if you’ve shopped Market Basket for years, our tour will reveal foods and brands you’ve never noticed before! We will also provide for you maps to Trader Joe’s, Stop and Shop and local farms and markets.

Dr. Dan’s Intro To Real Foods

1 hour class learning the  difference between traditional and modern diets, and the dramatic impact each has on your health.

In this 1-hour session, you will learn the basics of transitioning your kitchen to include whole, nutrient-dense foods that will nourish your family. We’ll also provide resources to you, including handouts, book suggestions, & online resources for eating out, reading labels, and shopping locally.

Personalized Nutrition Consultation

$70 for a 30-45 minute session

Our one on one sessions will give you all the basics you need to transition to a nutrient-dense eating program – totally customized to your personal needs.