Shingles pain & rash gone after IV Ozone!

I was diagnosed with such painful shingles that I was hospitalized. Then I called Dr. Dan and began a series of four IV Ozone treatments. After the 3rd treatment and two weeks, I am pain free & rash free. I am back to my normal self!



I have suffered from migraine headaches for many years. For the past ten years, I have had to live with daily headaches, many of which were so debilitating that I would need to stay in bed for several days due to the constant severe pain.

During this period, I have undergone numerous tests by eye doctors and neurologists who prescribed drugs that offered little relief from the pain. At a friend’s suggestion, I went to see Dr. Dan. At this point, I felt I had nothing to lose.

Dr. Dan did his standard evaluation and recommended some supplements for me to take and suggested changes I could make in my overall nutrition program that would enable me to heal faster.

Amazingly, after less than two months on my Natural Healing Program I experienced a definite relief from my constant headaches. I still got the random headache, but they were nothing like what I had endured for the previous 10 years.

I no longer have to worry about staying up late or paying strict attention to what I eat for fear it might bring on another migraine. Life had definitely improved for me as a result of my treatment at Dr. Dan’s.

Thank you so very much, Dr. Dan!


Back Pain and Other Issues

I first visited Dr. Dan in February 2010 due to a variety of health issues that had plagued me for some time. I was experiencing all the symptoms of chronic fatigue, had a strange tingling sensation in my chest, upper arms and head when I attempted to do work or exercise of any kind and had been struggling for years with a herniated disc in my spine that caused me extreme pain. I had been diagnosed as having severe degenerative disc disease in the past.

My Primary Care Physician and an Endocrinologist had suggested physical therapy to help me deal with pain associated with my herniated disc and hormone replacement therapy for my chronic fatigue.

When my back issues resulted in painful spasms, I was given epidural steroid injections that are effective, however cause pain and are very expensive ($3,000 for three injections over a three-month period). On the positive side, I did regain full mobility as a result of these injections; however the results were not long lasting. The hormone replacement therapy did virtually nothing to resolve my chronic fatigue.

After both my PCP and Endocrinologist told me there was nothing further they could do for me, I decided to see if Dr. Dan could help me.

Results achieved with Dr. Dan Eyink could only be described as a breakthrough success story. After just a few weeks of treatment, the strange tingling sensation was gone and after a few months of targeted nutrition therapy my daily energy level was almost completely restored. My physical strength and endurance have improved dramatically and I believe my chronic fatigue is just about resolved.

A few months into my Natural Healing with Dr. Dan, I was experiencing severe pain and my back had locked up into a spasm that I could no nothing to change. Dr. Dan treated me with an acupuncture protocol called Battlefield Acupuncture. After only one treatment and resting in his office for 20 minutes, I was able to leave completely functional! My mobility was 100% restored with this one treatment!

Battlefield acupuncture is the fastest, most effective, lowest cost solution to my bulging disc troubles. Additionally, as a long term solution to prevent my back spasms from reoccuring Dr. Dan gave me an Amino Acid regimen to restore the fluid in my spine. I am also taking Omega 3 fish oil to improve my bone health and reduce inflammation in my joints and discs.

Dr. Dan and his staff are emphathetic and responsive. The office is constantly striving to improve its knowledge base, library and food supplies.

I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to know more about how my treatments have helped me improve and sustain my health. As I said earlier, results achieved with Dr. Dan could only be described as a breakthrough success story!


Stomach complaint

After a terrible 6 months which included 2 ER visits, ultra sounds, numerous blood tests and pediatrician visits we had spent over $300 simply in co-pays to try to find out what was causing my 7 year old daughter, Olivia, her digestive problems. In one visit, Dr. Dan diagnosed a parasite in her stomach. Within 30 days of starting the natural supplements he suggested she was nearly all better – at the end of the 60 day regime she was 100% back to her old self! My 3 visits to DR. Dan plus the meds cost me less than all the co pays where no one could help me – he is simply, the BEST!


Nutrition Makeover

I visited Dr. Dan wishing to gain the “Optimum Health” he proffers. I did not realize that would involve changing every food item on my shelf. However, I knew that if I was going to give this treatment an honest shot, I had to embrace the full experience Dr. Dan’s offered.

My journey began with simple supplements and continued into rethinking all of the food I normally shopped for, cooked and presented to my family. Whole milk? 100% fat and raw dairy? Whole, sprouted grains? Real Pickles, what are those? Kelp sprinkle, really? My mind boggled, I needed help.

I entered the Nutrition Class offered at Dr. Dan’s. Slowly, but surely, each item in my food pantry got replaced. Not all at once, but replaced as each thing ran out. Guided toward better health, my family and I are now eating wholesome, rich and delicious foods that our taste buds only previously encountered in high-end restaurants. Initially afraid of gaining weight with all these “healthy fats,” I found that since I am totally satisfied on much less food, I have lost 10 pounds since I started this new regime.

It’s a journey I am still travelling, learning more about my body’s individual needs, but with Dr. Dan, Sara and Emily there to hold my hand, it gets easier every time I go shopping. I now totally embrace and love this journey. And though most of my family and friends are absolutely appalled when they see me eating whole milk yogurt drizzled with pure, organic maple syrup or an egg fried in coconut oil atop a slice of sprouted grain toast I smile and think, “they do not know what they are missing.”

– Cynthia

Epstein Barr

I’ve been struggling with Epstein Barr virus and Hashimoto’s thyroid disease for 5 years. I was on thyroid medication and all sorts of supplements to help me feel better. Nothing seemed to work. I’ve gone through 7 doctors that could not help me. I came across Dr. Dan and his ozone/UV light therapy and thought I should give this a try. I spoke to Dr. Dan about my condition and he had no doubt that the ozone treatment would definitely help me. He explained how it worked and how it would help me.  In less than 3 months I was cured!!!! I felt better after every treatment. Finally getting my life back. I can’t thank Dr. Dan and his staff enough for all their help.

Lyme Disease

“A little more than a year ago, I was extremely lethargic, my joints ached immensely and I had terrible headaches. My right knee had swollen to twice its size. After a very bright P.A. decided to draw the fluid from my knee and have it tested, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Lyme disease. I took high doses of antibiotics for almost four months. I had flu-like symptoms almost every day in addition to the other symptoms. I took myself off of the antibiotics and the flu symptoms subsided, but I still had the other symptoms and just getting through the day was difficult. My life consisted of sleep, work and home again to sleep. The tests still came out positive with Lyme. I knew I needed to do something different, the drugs were making me sick and I was still sick with Lyme.

I had heard of Dr. Dan through a friend of mine and made my first appointment in April. I figured I had nothing to lose. My first appointment was “interesting” and I thought I’d give it a few months to see how things went. After changing my supplements several times and changing my diet, I can now say that after only 9 months, I no longer have Lyme. My symptoms are completely gone.

Thank you Dr. Dan and Sara for all that you have done to help me get rid of this horrible, debilitating disease. Thank you for giving me my life back!”


“I had not felt like myself in over a year and in October, 2011, after many tests and doctor visits, I was very sure I had Lyme disease. My doctor felt it was a possibility, however all tests showed negative The best recommendation was to get me to Tufts in Boston for further testing. Unfortunately, the first available appointment for me at Tufts was for the following March – a 5 month wait.

A lifelong friend placed a call to Dr. Dan’s office explaining my condition and four hours later I was on the road to good health – something that had evaded me for some time.

My first visit to see Dr. Dan was on November 17, 2011. At that time, I could not go up or down stairs without a cane or walking stick and many times would have to stop to rest on the stairs. To say the least, I was not the active sixty-year old I was before. Within a few days after seeing you I could feel my balance and strength start to return and within two weeeks I was like a new man.

I now have a new lease on life thanks to Dr. Dan and his staff and my lifelong friend, Geoff.”

-Jay B.

Thyroid Issue

One of my issues was a problem with swollen saliva glands which would swell after eating meals. This began in June 2008, the day of my daughter’s wedding. A CT Scan was done in January 2009 with no apparent diagnosis, and the saliva glands continued to swell frequently after eating meals.

I also have other conditions including hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and high cholesterol…for which I have taken medication for many years. My weight has always been a battle.

As a result of my Nutrition Treatment Program from Dr. Dan, I have been able to reduce my dosage of both the thyroid and acid reflux medications. My blood pressure and cholesterol readings are also much lower. My aim is to be healthy without the use of prescription drugs.

I haven’t had any more problems with swollen saliva glands since Dr. Dan began treating me in March 2009. Within 4 to 6 weeks of beginning treatment, I also started to feel better. The bonus was that I also lost 17 pounds in the process. The weight has stayed off, and I haven’t felt this well in a very long time. Even my primary care physician recently commented on how great I look!


Skin Issues

“I found Dr. Dan after nearly thirty years of being frustrated with conventional medicine’s inability to do any more than make me just not sick. I never felt truly well. Every year at my annual physical, I would bring up the fact that I always felt cold and that I could never get rid of a benign skin condition that I have had since I was six. Every year my doctor would just brush me off. I was tired of people joking about how many layers of clothing I always wore, so I went to see Dr. Dan.

Before I saw Dr. Dan, I was able to begin optimizing my nutrition as he recommends. I noticed a definite change after about two weeks. I had more energy and my mood was better than ever, even though I hadn’t realized that it was a problem. Then I met with Dr. Dan and had acupuncture and laser treatments and began a nutritional supplement regimen. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I didn’t think about it. On the third day, I noticed myself removing layers of clothing. It shocked me because I had never had to do that before.

Over the next week, I gradually became warmer until I was wearing clothing that was comparable to everyone around me. I can’t even say what a change this has made in my life. I feel like a whole new person. I don’t have to worry about layering, and I have a third of the amount of laundry that I used to. I no longer feel like there is something not quite right with me. I feel balanced and healthy. My skin condition proved to be more difficult to resolve than my coldness. It took more than a month to subside. I expect that it will probably return, but at least it has been gone for longer than I ever remember.

I appreciate what Dr. Dan has done for me on a daily basis, and I will never go back to the way I was before. His care has given me a level of health I never thought I would attain. I will be sending relatives and friends his way!”

Lori B.

Eczema/ Skin Issues

I just wanted to write this letter expressing my deep gratitude to Dr Dan for helping me regain my health. Last spring, after breaking out in a strange shingles-like reaction, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. The joy of expecting a new member of our family became overshadowed as my health declined and I began to suffer a strange rash that covered half my body including my face and eyes. It was extremely itchy and burned. I was completely exhausted and couldn’t sleep at night from the itching and pain.

I was scared because even though I was excited for this baby we were expecting, I didn’t know how I would care for it in the state I was in. I had always battled with eczema on my hands but this was very different and no one that looked at me knew what to make of it. I was very scared to try heavy steroid creams (the light versions didn’t put a dent in it) or go on prednisone as was suggested since I had my growing baby’s health to consider too. I always have been mindful of using only natural products and being careful to avoid highly allergenic foods, but now nothing I did made a big difference. Special baths, acupuncture (on its own), chiropractic -I would feel a small amount of relief from the symptoms from these things, but overall it just got worse and worse, and I was getting more and more discouraged. I was embarrassed to go out and to meet clients at work and too tired to enjoy time with family or friends. I felt sorry for my son with whom usually I would be enjoying the outdoors and the summer sunshine.

Finally when Dr Dan introduced me to his Natural Healing program I felt hopeful. My sister had seen great benefits from it in her situation so I was optimistic it would really help me too. Within three weeks of taking the whole food supplementation and avoiding the foods (some of them surprising!) that were causing trouble for my body, I saw a change emerging. First my energy levels were improving. We went on a family vacation with my parents and sister’s family and I was happy to be able to go on a short hike and a little kayak excursion on the lake. I was sleeping a little better too. My family noticed the change and was extremely grateful.

2 weeks later I saw even more improvement. I was way more energetic and feeling like I could take regular walks, take care of my family again, and enjoy what was left of the summertime. I was still itchy but the intensity was waning. My face started to clear up 2 weeks later and the amazing part was that beautiful “baby skin” was replacing the terrible lesions I had on my face. And to think that during this time I thought the reaction would have left me scarred for life. My eyebrows started to grow back too.(they had fallen out considerably from the itching and swelling)

Now it is Fall and my baby girl is growing well, and I am feeling more energetic than I had in a long time before the pregnancy. Slight flare-ups still have occurred but with each week they get less and less noticeable, and for the most part my skin feels soft and normal again! I feel so ready to be a Mom of two, knowing I will have the energy to keep up! I look forward to continuing on the program after the baby is born, and attaining an even better level of health. I know that with Dr. Dan’s help I will continue to improve and refine my body’s state of wellness and the benefits will trickle down to my kids too.


Dynamic Weight Loss Program Testimonials

“I lost 40 pounds 9 years ago on Weight Watchers by eating everything low fat from yogurts and ice cream sausages, to bread and cookies. I had hardly any fat in my diet: no butter, no fish oil nothing but bit of olive oil. I switched from COKE to bottled water and other low fat drinks. I did get some fruits and vegetables but when it came to meat everything was about reducing my fat in take. The results I lost the weight and was sunk into a hormonal depression and suicide watch it lasted 3 long months and doctors couldn’t’ help me. No one associated it with my diet I was far better off with my previous diet of Burger King and Kelly’s I was fat and happy now I was skinny and miserable. I went to school for Whole Health after a visit to a wonderful holistic doctor who listened to me and opened my eyes to a new world of FOOD and HEALTH. Also, my son Chris who was a preemie was suffering with extreme acid reflux, projectile vomiting, asthma for 5 years until she concluded he was casine intolerant and to avoid foods with preservatives. I was shocked to find out FOOD can make people sick.” I joined your practice a few years back and my hormones improved and now joined Weight Loss program to get me back on track to living healthy. ”

I LOVE your Dynamic Weight Loss Program. The first week I admit was tough no strawberries, no oranges, no blueberries, no pasta. OH MY. I was so hungry for something sweet I didnt’ think I would make it through the day never mind the week, and I know how to eat healthy from my schooling and practice. However, by the start of the third week my mind, body and spirit transformed. I am on cloud nine my focus is improved and my suppressed emotions released. Can I say I think I may have too much energy, and i feel so empowered. This program and doing the slow burn workout I feel so strong and lean. It is not super easy, but it is powerful it instills a new value system in that everything we eat matters to our health and the way its made matters to our health and the planet. Connects one to the importance of not just your own wellness but to everything is everything.” OH yes! I’m losing those stubborn pounds the right way and I feel full, happy, and motivated everyday I wake up!. This is very exciting I can’t wait until next week.”

Thank you Sarah and Emily.


I was very happy when Dr. Dan started his weight loss program and immediately switched over from Weight Watchers. Unlike Weight Watchers with the Paleo Diet you don’t have to worry about the portions so much and the calories. I find it very easy to follow and even when I go out to eat it’s easy to stick with it. I have lost 15 pounds and if I would exercise more I’m sure it would even be more. My eating habits have definitely changed, I’m not craving any sweets or carbs. I will east this way for the rest of my life! I love working with Sara and will keep going to the program until I have reached my goal. I highly recommend it!

My record reads: Obese woman, 50 plus, post menopausal. After being unable to lose weight for more than 15 years I had pretty much given up on the idea that I would ever be able to lose weight. I found some new clothes, I was working through Dr. Dan’s guidelines making healthier food choices, and I made my peace with it. But then last fall I decided to listen to Dr. Dan’s talk on weight loss since everything else he had given to me worked so well.

During the talk, Dr. Dan, who generally is quiet spoken, said adamantly that the weight has to come off! And that the carbs have to be curtailed! I have to tell you I was terrified about this because it was just another change in my already gluten/soy/dairy/nut free life and I really just could not imagine giving up another thing. But after a year of having my life patiently restored with Dr. Dan’s treatments I knew that the weight was the last hurdle I had to face. My sister called and told me, “Kristen, you won’t die!” That was the blast of courage I needed to jump in headlong and I started 2 days before Thanksgiving and I have lost weight and inches every week since.

The diet takes some planning and forethought but I meet with Emily every week and she goes over my eating chart and answers all my questions. I am not hungry, I can eat whatever I want within the guidelines but the best part is that the results are instant! I just see myself shrinking before my eyes and it is truly amazing.

At Dr. Dan’s talk I learned weight loss is a physiological, not behavioral issue. It totally made sense to me! It has been a process cutting down carbohydrates. Now I am on the Atkins diet (no sugars, no carbs) for three months and I feel fantastic without carbs! No cravings at all. I experience good fats really make a difference.

The weekly check-ins give me the structure I need staying on track. Sara’s advice is very helpful. I like to focus on something new each week, e.g. more protein, new good fats or having a meal / snack the same time each day every 3-4 hours.

Prolonged Stomach Virus in Toddler

Just wanted to send a quick note updating you on Rose. We were so worried we would have to take her the emergency room for dehydration, but by the next day of taking the homeopathic and probiotics she started to perk up and hold in her food and water. She is eating ravenously now, but not drinking her milk or yogurt, curiously. We’ll cross that bridge in a few days when she’s completely better. Thankfully, she likes her soup, and I think drinking bone broth helped rehydrate her. You don’t know how grateful we are for your treatment on her. We were so worried for her, and scared that if she ended up on antibiotics for a GI bug she might get even worse. She’s back to her talkative self which a good sign. 😉

Warmest regards

Severe Neck Pain

About 31/2 months ago I started to experience very strong neck pain, especially on the left side. I consulted our family doctor and after an x-ray it was suggested to start treatment with pain pills and physical therapy. I started taking a mix of different types of pain pills every 4 hours, 24 hours a day, and attended 12 physical therapy sessions during one month. At the end of those sessions my symptoms actually were worse than before.An MRI revealed that the cartilage between vertebrae C6 and C7 was deformed and damaged due to prolonged bad posture working on computers for decades. The suggestion was to have surgery.Luckily I heard through a good friend of ours about Dr. Dan (Daniel Eyink, MD) in Newburyport, MA, who is treating patients using a method, by taking a small amount of a patient’s blood and adding Ozone before it is returned to the patient. This Ozone enriched blood reduces inflammations in the entire body, including a pinched neck nerve in my case. This sounded very exciting, and much less invasive than a neck surgery. I decided to make this long car ride from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts.After the first of four treatments, I still had to use pain pills to help me function. But two days later, after the second session, I already noticed an improvement. After the third treatment I felt markedly less neck pain. But the best part was that the day after the fourth session: I was completely pain free. And now two weeks later I am still pain free. Incredible, and completely unexpected! No more pain pills, no more side effects of constant taking of heavy pain pills.Thank you, Dr. Dan, and the nurses Merry and Sue! You have not only given me back my wellbeing, but you have restored my trust into helping me recover, with patience, passion and great expertise! I highly recommend Dr. Dan’s Natural Healing Center to anyone who is looking for successful alternative treatments.

Herbert Reininger, Creative Director, Penn State University