Looking to create optimal health or get to the root cause of existing health concerns?

At Dr. Dan’s we provide quality Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Education and Medical Acupuncture. Using whole foods nutrition and whole food supplements, we offer our patients an opportunity to achieve significant improvements in their health, the health of their families and the health of future generations.

We guide our patients in returning to simplicity and common sense in their healthcare choices and help them to eliminate unnecessary drugs and surgery from their health treatment plans. At Dr. Dan’s we utilize a combination of both Nutrition Response Testing and The Morphogenic Field Technique to evaluate each patient. With Nutrition Response Testing, we address the root of the issue, not just the symptoms. 

To support all conditions, we provide Full Body Detoxification, Pain/Injury Treatments, as well as Infusions, Injections and Ozone Therapies. 

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Services at Dr. Dan's

Call Today for Your Appointment: 

  • Initial Nutrition Evaluation with Dr. Dan – $200

  • Cancer Consultation with Dr. Dan – $200

  • Pain/Injury Treatment for Joints or Muscles – $45

  • IV Ozone-UBI – $240

  • IV Vitamin C (100% corn-free!) – $175

  • Dr. Dan’s Basic Detox Session – $149

  • Infusions, Injections, Ozone Therapy

  • Personalized Nutrition Consultation – $70






Special Procedures, Basic Detox, Pain/Injury Treatments

Dr. Dan’s PAIN/INJURY TREATMENT – $45 per Session

Our PAIN & INJURY treatment is non-invasive and combines two modalities: The Pulse Cluster Laser combined with the Sota Magnetic Pulser will have you feeling better in 1 to 4 sessions! Placed over the site of pain or injury for 20 minutes, while you relax in our detox room. ($45).

Optional Add-On: Auricular/Ear Tacks placed by Dr. Dan using Battlefield Acupuncture Techniques. ($15)

Dr. Dan’s BASIC DETOX SESSION includes the following – $149

  • JOOVV–Red and Near InfraRed Light Therapy for cellular detox.
  • BIOMAT -Heat & Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals for cellular detox and relaxation.
  • PEMF & Pulse Cluster Laser – Provide energy to jumpstart Liver Detox.
  • CHI MACHINE – Wave therapy to move Lymphatics
  • ION FOOT BATH – Supports vagal nerve stimulation & Ionic Dermal Detox
  • SUPPLEMENT BINDER – binds and removes toxins via GI system


Infusions, Injections, & Ozone Therapies assist in Supporting Full Body Detoxification


  • IV Vitamin C – $175
  • IV Ozone-UBI – $240

INJECTIONS & Ozone Insufflation

  • Glutathione – $43
  • Vitamin B12 – $32
  • Vitamin D – $40
  • POLY-MVA – $35
  • Ozone Insufflation: rectal, vaginal, bladder, nasal, ear




Ozone Therapy can support and promote healing of many conditions. At Dr. Dan’s we administer Ozone Therapy via:

  • IV Ozone-UBI (MAH)
  • Ozone Insufflation: Rectal, Vaginal, Bladder, Nasal/Sinus, or Ear Insufflation
  • Prolozone Injection Therapy (knee or shoulder joint)

 IV Ozone and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation can help support many different conditions and has a wide range of benefits. Please follow the link below to our Ozone Therapy page for more information.

Ozone Therapy