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List of Recommended Reading, Helpful Websites, and Suggested Viewing (PDF).

Cancer Proof Your Home Packet (PDF)

Building Healthy Bones with Nutrition

Osteoporosis is the thinning of our bones as we age leading to fragility, loss of height from vertebral compression fractures and hip fractures. Bones are not static; they rely on a process involving a delicate balance of bone formation and breakdown to maintain a healthy state. Continue Reading (PDF)

What Really Causes Elevated Cholesterol?

What really causes elevated cholesterol levels? Let’s take a look. The body needs cholesterol to patch blood vessel walls, for production of adrenal stress hormones, sex hormones and Vitamin D and for production of bile salts for fat digestion. Cholesterol also maintains cell structure and is a necessary part of every cell wall. Continue Reading (PDF)

Healthy Digestion

Digestion of fresh, whole foods is the key to our health and well-being. At the first moment of heartburn, reflux, bloating or burping, take notice–your body is trying to tell you something. You’ll be surprised to learn that 90% of all excess acid symptoms actually result from a lack of acid in the stomach, which is very common with aging. Continue Reading (PDF)

Using Nutrient Dense Food for Maintaining Weight

Our bodies are hardwired to crave nutrient dense foods as a way of maintaining good health. What exactly are nutrient dense foods? How can you spot them in the wilds of the grocery store or farmers’market aisles? Let’s explore. Continue Reading (PDF)

Staying Healthy Through the Winter

These tips will help to keep you going strong all winter long. Continue Reading (PDF)

Prostate Health

As men age, the prevalence of an enlarged prostate becomes more common. Why is this so? And what do men have to do to regain a healthy prostate gland? Continue Reading (PDF)

Healthy Homemade Cleaning Solutions

The non-profit Environmental Working Group, or EWG, offers information on their website about home cleaning products, grading them from A through F depending in the safety of its ingredients. Of the 638 products reviewed, only 22 products scored a grade of “A”.We were astonished to discover, for example, that the Dreft liquid detergent for babies we’ve used for the past 2 years received a grade of “F”. It contains Sodium Borate, a developmental and an endocrine disruptor. And of the 213 bathroom cleaners reviewed by EWG, a mere FIVE scored an “A”for health and environmental safety. An old standby, Lysol Toilet bowl Cleaner, scored an “F”here.

So what to do? One solution is to do some research to choose a safer product for your family.

Or make your own cleaners like we do using simple, old fashioned ingredients. List of homemade cleaning recipes put together by our own Emily Terry (PDF).

Heart Health

You do not have to endure a lifetime of ineffective and risky medications that negatively impact the quality of your life. Cardiovascular Disease can be reversed. View Dr. Dan’s Heart Health Road Map (PDF)

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