Full Body Detox


Full body detox includes organ specific & cellular therapies! Hyperthermia, Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field Therapy, Photo-biomodulation input, Wave therapy (Chi Machine) and Ion Detox (Foot Bath). Two key aspects of Detox also include Hydration with Reverse Osmosis filtered water (not tap water) & Bowel Movements daily.

To Continue your Detox at home, consider our 10-day or 21-day Detox package.

Dr. Dan’s BASIC DETOX SESSION includes the following:

  • JOOVV–Red and Near InfraRed Light Therapy for cellular detox.
  • BIOMAT -Heat & Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals for cellular detox and relaxation.
  • PEMF & Pulse Cluster Laser over the Liver – Provide energy to jumpstart Liver Detox.
  • CHI MACHINE – Wave therapy to move Lymphatics
  • ION FOOT BATH – Supports vagal nerve stimulation & Ionic Dermal Detox
  • SUPPLEMENT BINDER – binds and removes toxins via GI system

*Plan to be with us for approximately 90 minutes.

Before appt: Arrive well hydrated (water, broth clear liquids) & try to fast from solid food for 12 hours.

After appt: consume nutrient-dense foods & stay well hydrated for the rest of the day.

Infusions Injections, & Ozone Therapies assist in supporting Full Body Detoxification:

  • IV Vitamin C
  • IV Ozone-UBI
  • Rectal Ozone Insufflation
  • IM Glutathione injection
  • IM Poly-MVA injection


Benefits of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

  • Improves micro-circulation through the entire body
  • Detoxifies the body from heavy metals, dioxin, and PCB
  • Boosts tissue oxygenation
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Improved ATP production
  • Has antioxidant effects
  • Improves calcium absorption for stronger bones, joints, + muscle
  • Enhances collagen production and tissue elasticity
  • Stimulates cellular repair
  • Decreases swelling, inflammation and pain
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Supports the body’s internal self-regulating mechanisms
  • Releases endorphins


Benefits of ION Cleanse Foot Bath

  • Removes environmental toxins and waste
  • Helps the body detoxify itself more effectively and faster
  • Removes heavy metals, increases the energy and recovery from disease and injury.
  • You can see the results of the procedure in only 20 minutes of soaking


Hyperthermia Treatment Benefits (JOOVV and BIOMAT)

  • Improves cancer treatment success
  • Reduces inflammation and inflammatory cytokines
  • Produces heat shock proteins which strengthen cell resistance
  • Has antioxidant effects
  • Reduces oxidative stress on tissues
  • Increases nitric oxide bioavailability for better circulation
  • Increases insulin sensitivity to fight insulin resistance and metabolic disease
  • Induces Nrf2 pathway which protects the body against oxidative damage
  • Improves detoxification and waste elimination
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Increases mitochondrial function


Red Light/NIR Light Therapy Benefits (JOOVV Light Therapy)

  • Boosts mitochondrial activity
  • Increases ATP (energy) production
  • Helps the body work more efficiently
  • Encourages cellular repair + deep healing
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body
  • Has an antioxidant effect, reducing damage and stress on the body’s cells
  • Help repair damaged neurons
  • Protects neurons and brain tissue
  • Decreases brain inflammation
  • Improves cognitive performance and memory
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Supports the thyroid and improves Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Increases blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation through the tissues
  • Stimulates natural collagen production for healthy skin and joints
  • Reduces pain and tension
  • Encourages fat loss and detoxification
  • Boosts melatonin production to enhance restorative sleep