IonCleanse Foot bath

Detoxification & Relaxation Therapy

The IonCleanse footbath by “A Major Difference” helps to gently detoxify your body. Everyday we are exposed to toxins in our environment that are out of our control. Combined with diet and exercise we believe the foot bath plays a huge role in eliminating toxins. This method is non-invasive, very easy to use, with no harmful side effects. People who use the foot bath typically feel very relaxed after as well as energized and or focused.
The session is approximately 20 minutes.

$35 per visit

Contraindications include: Pacemaker/defibrillator, blood thinners,  taking medications for irregular heart rhythm, hemophilia, epilepsy, open wounds on feet, chemotherapy in prior 4 days, transplanted or missing organs, or uncontrolled hypertension.  *Type 1 diabetics must eat a meal 2 hours prior to session.