Water Filters and Why Bottled Water Isn’t the Best Choice

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Many people think that bottled water is the way to go, however many brands of bottled water contain nothing more than tap water. In addition to pollutants in the tap water, you are also drinking chemicals leeching from the plastic bottles.

The good news? Here at Dr. Dan’s we use and recommend the economical Big Berkey, which is a Solid Block Carbon Filter System you can place right on your counter top. Big Berkey also offers an optional Fluoride Filter. Click this link for more information via our website  http://www.berkeyfilters.com/?a_aid=553145837ce56&a_bid=d019dd55

For a built in Reverse Osmosis filter we recommend Radiant Life water filter system, which uses a 14 stage process that removes fluoride, lead, chlorine, MTBE, chromium-6, nitrates, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, water-borne illness and also adds the minerals back in that are lost during this process.
See EWG’s (Environmental Working Group’s) bottled water scorecard here: http://www.ewg.org/health/report/BottledWater/Bottled-Water-Scorecard/Search

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