Emily Terry, FNTP– Nutrition Counselor & Patient Advocate

Posted December 21, 2015 in:

As Nutrition Counselor and Patient Advocate, Emily helps patients fully understand the benefits of whole foods nutrition through Personalized Nutrition Consultations and Dr. Dan’s Quick Start Class. Emily holds a BS in Hospitality and Tourism with a concentration in Special Events Management from Endicott College. As you would expect, she has a great love of travel and of experiencing other cultures firsthand. She spent a semester abroad in Rome and later celebrated her wedding in Italy among family and friends.

She has a strong interest in natural healing and using traditional whole foods nutrition as a base for experiencing optimal health. Emily is certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and is a Certified GAPS Practitioner. She has worked diligently to raise her daughter Olive on nutrient-dense foods using the principles of The Weston A. Price Foundation. As a mother, Emily has witnessed first-hand the benefits of a whole foods lifestyle resulting in a healthy, radiant child. Her favorite foods are butter & olives!

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